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Adana, Turkey, Europe
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Saimbeyli Travel Information:

Saimbeyli is a small city and a district in Adana Province, Turkey in the Cukurova region. The city of Saimbeyli is located in the Taurus mountains, 157 km north of the city of Adana, by a difficult road. The city of Saimbeyli is on the Göksu river (one of the sources of the Seyhan, in a valley between the forested mountains of Dibek and Bakır. There is a pass through the mountains from here to Kayseri and the valley is watered by many mountain streams. Places of interest: Near the village of Bahceköyü there is a castle perched on a rock. This rock has been fortified since antiquity and the castle played an important role in the crusades. Saimbeyli castle (known as Badimon in the Middle Ages).

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