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Ankara, Turkey's capital, is situated in the north of the central Anatolian plateau. After Istanbul, it is the country's second largest city. With its spacious open areas, wide boulevards, skyscrapers and parks, it has the appearance of a modern city. In the 1920's, Ankara used to be a small town, but during the Turkish War of Independence led by Ataturk, the city was used as a command centre and began to expand.

When it was declared capital of Turkey in 1923, it slowly began to chang, until it eventually reached its present state. The buildings constructed during these years by local and foreign architects, together with the heavy and imposing facades within the city, are easily recognisable. The Anitkabir building complex, where the body of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk lies, (he was the founder of the modern Republic of Turkey), was designed by Emin Onat and Orhan Arda. It was built between the years 1944-1953. Also within his complex, Misak-i Milli Kulesi and Inkilap Kulesi towers. Exhibited in it are Ataturk's personal belongings and gifts which were given to him. between the Mudafa-i Hukuk Kulesi and the Cumhuriyet Kulesi towers, one can view Ataturk's book collection.

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Ankara Hotels: 148

Ankara Tours: 2

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