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In the North east of Turkey lies a town named Giresun, capital of the Giresun province that is situated along the Black sea and is 100 miles west of Trabzon. A place governed by sudden climactic changes, Giresun is the original birthplace of cherries. In fact the English word `cherry`, the Italian `cerasa` and the French word `cerise` are all derivatives from the ancient name of `Cerasus` of this Eastern Black sea region.

The earliest export of cherries to Europe from Giresun took place in the Roman times, which only indicates how old the city is. Travelling to Giresun is done mainly by the road that is the highway. But it is one you will never regret doing for the natural beauty along the winding way by the coastal region, that you get to see on the way is one of the best scenes you will see in Giresun.

The highway is a state highway that is well maintained so your drive promises to be a pleasant one. However if you travel by a cruise then Giresun Port has five quays that you could avail of. For your knowledge, the Japanese city of Saga has declared Giresun as its twin city regarding cherry production, and a wonderful visit to the province of cherries is what is wished for.

Places to Visit ;

Giresun Castle, which has a very rich historical culture was established at city center. Monumental tomb of National Strife Hero, Topal Osman Ağa, historical palace ruins, caverns, ramparts built with rough rocks and rock relieves are important points which can be seen in the Castle.

Giresun Island is one and the only island of Black Sea, one miles away from the coast. The island with 40.000 meters square area is visited during Aksu festivals and summer months via private voyages.

Catholic Church (Children Library) Building, which is serving as Children Library in Çınarlar district is constructed in the 18th century with gothic architectural style. It has protected its unique structure until today.

Seyyit Vakkas Mausoleum remains from 19th century in Kapu District. It belongs to a territorial governor, Seyyit Vakks, who show great services during Fatih Sultan Mehmet and martyred during a combat. Although he had lived in 15th century, his mausoleum is constructed in 19th century.

Traditional Giresun Houses District which is at south east of the castle and known as Zeytinlik District is composed of historical Giresun houses. They are under protection and a resort place for visitors. It is an interesting district which can be visited and seen by those who are interested in old houses.

Thermal Springs Giresun is famous with natural mineral waters. İnişdibi Mineral Water, Çaldağ Mineral Water; are on Batlama River. These mineral waters, which are bottled and marketed are good for renal sickness and easing the digestion. Pınarlar Mineral Water is at Kulakkaya road junction on Şebinkarahisar road. Ruins Thousands of people come together with the aim of entertainment and recreation at the entrance of Aksu Stream, which is approximately 4 km. away from Giresun city center and on the Giresun - Trabzon coastal road. Having hundreds of years history, Seventh day of May tradition is still tried to be animated with "AKSU FESTIVALS", organized annually between May 20-23.

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Giresun Hotels: 8

Giresun Tours: 1

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