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Kirikkale City Information:

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Kırıkkale is on an important geographic position due to being a junction point for Central Anatolia, Central and Eastern Black Sea as well as South Eastern Anatolia Regions. Rich historical and cultural background holding region has the potential for being a tourism city.

Places To Visit ;

Hasandede Mosque and Mausoleum is 12 km. away from Kırıkkale - Central province, and Mosque and Mausoleum are side by side. It is known that Hasandede Mosque is constructed on Hegira calendar 1014 (1605).

Şeyh Şamil Mosque and Mausoleum, which is at the province center of Sulakyurt, is constructed by Şeyh Şamil. Mausoleum of Şeyh Şamil, who is the founder of the province, is near to this mosque and on a high position.

Çeşnigir Bridgeis a piece of art from the Seljuksremaining from XIII th Century.

Gun Museumhosts the exhibitions of guns of Ottoman and European States between 15th and 20th centuries.

The phone number for the museum is +90 (318) 224 5447.

Küçükkafşar Mausoleum, Tokuş Baba Mausoleum (Delice province, between Çatallı village and Kya village), Halil Dede Mausoleum (Çelebi province, 1 km away from Halil Dede village), Şeyh Şamil Mosque and Mausoleumare all worth visiting.

Kirikkale Districts:

Kirikkale Hotels: 1

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  • Bahsili
  • Baliseyh
  • Celebi
  • Delice
  • Karakecili
  • Keskin
  • Sulakyurt
  • Yahsihan
  • Kirikkale Center

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