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Burdur City Information:

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Burdur is in Turkey's Lakes District, inland from the Mediterranean coast, Burdur is a small city with 250.000 inhabitants, 80.000 of whom live in the city center. It is one of the oldest settlements in the world, dating back to 7000 BC. Burdur is a cosy city offering natural and historical treasures but not much of a nightlife. One day is more enough for the city center for examining the architecture, visiting the museum, meeting with the warm people and tasting the delicious food.

Another day should be spend for the surroundings; ancient city, cavern and the lakes. The origin of the name Burdur has several rumors. In Greek mythology, Ulis, escaping from the gods heard Ezostas ("stop here" in Latin) and located here. The translation of the Ezostas (Burada Dur) transforms into Burdur. Another rumor is that the name comes from the Tumulus near the train station, Polydorion.

One rumor is that the name is transformed from the word "Limobrama", old name of the region meaning "the land of the lakes". There are at least ten other rumors. The history of Burdur goes back more than 8000 years. The rock drawings that were discovered in the villages of Baskuyu and Yesilova prove that there was human settlement from Paleolithic age in this region. Archeologists also discovered work of arts that belong to Neolithic (8000 - 5500 BC) and Calcolithic (5500 - 3200 BC) ages. In 17th century BC, Burdur was controlled by the Arzawa kingdom, the western neighbor of the Hittites, and the antecedents of the kingdom of Lydia. In 546 BC, Croesus, the King of Lydia was defeated by Persians who ruled the region until the arrival of Alexander the Great in 334 BC. After the 1st century BC., Burdur came under the rule of the Romans, and later Byzantine Empire took over. In 11 century AD, Turks took the city and then the city became part of Ottoman Empire.

Burdur is a modern city of Turkey.

Places to Visit ;
There are so many things to see in Burdur.

Burdur Museum is a must be seen. Insuyu cave is the second largest on earth, It is 597 meters long and has 9 lakes of various sizes. Most tourists visit this cave because of its water which has a curative effect for diabetics and stomach diseases.The cave has a natural fresh air circulation inside, which provides appropriate conditions for visitors.

Sagalassos ancient city is 30 kilometers away from the city. Sagalassos was first mentioned in the Hittite documents as Salawassa. Archaeologists brought remains of buildings and statues into light. Some of the most important discoveries are The Doric Fountain House,

the Neon Library, the Northwest Heroon, the Antonine Nymphaeum, and the Tiberian Gate, which is a 12,000 capacity theater. Cremna (Kremna) city is 45 kilometers away from Burdur. Kremna is the Pisidian city from 2nd century AD, during the Roman era. Today you can go and visit The Forum (Public square), the basilica, and the library.

Cibyra ancient city of Cibyra is the capital city of Tedropolis which was composed of the combination of the ancient city with three other ancient cities, Oineanda Balbura, Bubon (İbecik) ancient cities which was founded on the three hills located 108 km. distance from the city center, to the west of the Gölhisar district. The major structures that could withstand the corrosion of time in the ancient city of Cibyra are stadium, upper and lower agora, town hall, theatre, burial grounds and monumental aqueduct.

Hacılar mound (TUMULUS): This village is 24 kilometers away from the city. Hacilar is a Neolithic and Chalcolithic age settlement which shows the stages of human and how humans changed from hunter to gatherer. In this archeological site, there are large two-storied houses, narrow streets, figurines of Mother Goddesses around every house, and geometrical designs.

Kuruçay Tumulus: This prehistoric tumulus is located inside the borders of Kuruçay village, which is located 15 km. away from Burdur. Burdur Lake The lake is 4 km. away from the city center. The Burdur Lake displays the characteristics of a tectonic lake. The lake hosts 70 % of the "dikkuyruk (erect-tail)" ducks, which is an endangered species. The Burdur lake is the shelter area of Endemic bird species and is an internationally important marshy area. The lake hosts 85 bird species.

Salda Lake The lake is the most clean and deepest lake of Turkey. With the purity and the clearness of its waters, it is the most beautiful promenade place of Burdur Province.

Karacaören Dam Lake The dam was founded on the Aksu creek and is 35 km away from Bucak district. Beside the coverage of the energy and irrigation requirements of the region, it is one of the beautiful promenade places with its natural beauties.

Ulu Mosque is located over a hill inside the Pazar quarter of the city. It was constructed by Felekküddin Dündar Bey in 1294. İncirhan inn is located inside the borders of İncirdere Village, which is located 7 km west of Bucak district. The inn was constructed by the Anatolian Seljukian monarch Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev bin Keykubad in 13th century. The most distinguishing property of the inn is the huge and plain entrance door with inscription.

Susuz Caravansary: The caravansary is located inside the borders of Susuz village of Bucak district. It is one of the caravansaries constructed in the period of Anatolian Seljukian state in 13th century. The caravansary is located on the historical Silk Road. The construction plan of the caravansary is a rectangle close to the square and its most distinguishing property is the western entrance gate.

Burdur Districts:

Burdur Hotels: 7

Burdur Tours: 1
  • Altinyayla Burdur
  • Aglasun
  • Bucak
  • Golhisar
  • Karamanli‎
  • Kemer Burdur
  • Tefenni‎
  • Yesilova
  • Cavdir‎
  • Celtikci‎
  • Burdur Center

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